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Traveling in Mexico

We frequently get inquiries from people interested in coming to Mexico for the first time, yet with questions about how to get here, what they can bring or perhaps about security and safety while traveling.
Needless to say, we’d love for you to visit, but please take a moment to review this information. Hopefully it will make your trip all the more enjoyable.

For information (in English) About:

Bringing pets into Mexico:

Bringing food into Mexico:

Since the regulation went into effect, I’ve seen many people come to Mexico without a passport. In none of these instances did any of those people have to turn back at the border because they could not re-enter the US. I have no doubt that in some cases, there was a delay for lack of passport, but overall, they all got back in. 

Car Insurance

Despite what you may have heard from your realtor, your friends or your neighbors…do not drive in Mexico without purchasing auto insurance! Some of you will call your US insurance carriers and be told that they cover you in Mexico. Be careful how you interpret this information…
You may have insurance with a company that offers you comp and collision coverage while in Mexico. Some certainly do. Most have a limit as to how far into Mexico that coverage will apply. Allstate’s coverage extends to Rocky Point. State Farm’s does not.

While it’s nice that they offer you comp & collision coverage while in Mexico, that fact has nothing to do with your legal responsibility to carry CIVIL LIABILITY coverage while in Mexico. No US insurance company can sell you Liability Coverage. Some, like Costco, simply have an arrangement with a Mexican company that allows them to offer it to their customers. If you have an accident, it isn’t Costco who will provide your customer service, but the company whose product they sold you.

Liability coverage is inexpensive regardless where you buy it. Why buy it from ProAlliance, then? Because at ProAlliance we offer free bilingual assistance to every client 24 hours a day, of course! 

ONE LAST NOTE: Under no circumstances should a Mexican citizen drive a US-registered vehicle on Federal highways without the owner of the vehicle present. If caught in violation of this law, the driver will be detained and the car imported. Importation costs are minimal compared to the hefty fines that will be applied. © 2012