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Taste of Peñasco

One of the highlights of every year is the annual Taste of Peñasco/Iron Chef Competition. A two-events-in-one celebration that really shows why so many rave about the food in Puerto Peñasco.

Taste of Peñasco is the perfect backdrop for vendors, with people coming from as far away as Alaska for the party. The highlight of this food festival is the Iron Chef Competition, where the best chefs in the city bring their talent, their skill and even their fans out as they prepare a 3-course meal…each using that year's secret ingredient!

For more information about this event, or to see pics of previous winners, visit!

Come out and join the excitement that is Taste of Peñaso! You will taste menu items that will blow you away, and that really display the talent of the chefs and quality of restaurants available in Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point, Mexico! From Rocky Point shrimp to Sonoran beef, from tamales to tacos to chowders and Mexican Barbecue and desserts, you won't soon forget this elegant and fun festival. © 2012