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My name is Rosie Glover, and ProAlliance Insurance (in case you missed it in our logo) is my company. It’s important that you understand my commitments to you; service, quality, value, dependability, and professionalism. I’ve always believed that if one focuses on service, success is inevitable. ProAlliance Insurance is a direct result of my desire to bring you the very best options for all your insurance and bonding needs in Mexico.

In addition to bringing you the ease of online Mexican auto insurance, we’d like this site to provide you with information about traveling in Mexico in general and, of course, Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point) in particular.

I welcome your comments and suggestions, so do feel free to contact me anytime.


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Events in Rocky Point!

We keep up with fun events in town so you don't have to! Click on an image to the right for more information. Thanks to Rocky Point 360!

  • Jesse Gerardo
  • Los HillSon
  • Race car experience!
  • Semana Santa 2017
  • CBSC Fishing Derby
  • Rocky Point Tri
  • Tournament for Santa Claus Club
  • "Day of the Child" Fundraiser
  • Funkalicious Beach Volleyball
  • Las Palomas Anniversary Tournament
  • Rocky Point Times El Golfo Run
  • Tequila 150 – SADR
  • Connection Club
  • Toning & Conditioning
  • Yoga
  • CineMartes
  • Craft Classes & Art Shell Workshop

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We’re always looking for ways to better help our clients with claims. The claims process can be lengthy and frustrating, but at ProAlliance Insurance we’d like to make it less so.

Clients can now check the status of claims online. Feel free to call us with any questions.


Hopefully, our links will be useful to you. Everyone traveling to Rocky Point should carry the phone number for the Rocky Point Tourism & Visitor Assistance, where any visitor can call to get 24-hr free bilingual visitor assistance.
Within these pages, you’ll find links to information about coming events, local services, charitable organizations, and…just for fun…ROCKY POINT RAMBLINGS.

It’s surprising how many people come to Mexico for vacation, but either forget or opt not to purchase Mexican auto insurance, which can potentially lead to the vacation being anything but a fun, relaxing time!

We at ProAlliance Insurance realize that when you’re thinking of the beach, margaritas, the music and the food that awaits you in Mexico, perhaps insurance isn’t at the top of your list of priorities. This is precisely why we’re doing all we can to help make buying insurance an easy, painless, economic experience…so you can move on to concentrate on the fun stuff!

We can insure your home or condo in Mexico, your recreational vehicle, and of course your quad or motorcycle.

We're the official ROCKY POINT RAMBLINGS insurance company and insure clients for all the major annual events in Rocky Point, such as the various concerts, Taste of Penasco/Iron Chef, Rocky Point Bike Rally, RP Business to Business Expo, and much more.

The importance of insuring your home or condo in Mexico is indisputable. What you may not know is how affordable an annual policy is. Let us provide you with a quote or answer your questions. We truly look forward to the opportunity.

We’re often asked about the popular Drivers License Policies, This is a great option for those whose US insurance offers Comp & Collision while in Mexico. The DL policy is very economical, offering Liability Only coverage on any street-legal vehicle while in Mexico. We can have as many as 4 licensed drivers on each policy, which makes it an even better value! Give us a call at 602.773.1031 and speak to one of our bilingual staff.

The Rocky Point Tourism and Visitor Assistance office is a service made available thanks to A.M.P.I. (the Association of Mexican Real Estate Professionals, Puerto Penasco chapter)and the Rocky Point business community. The premise is simple: 24-hr free bilingual assistance for anyone who has a problem. That’s it…it sounds simple, but it’s huge to someone who’s encountered a glitch in their holiday. Regardless the nature of the problem someone might encounter, there is a bilingual member of the local business community who will come out at any hour to help with the situation…for free! We do this because we can’t guarantee you won’t have a problem…but we can make sure you have someone there to help make things better.

Our emergency numbers are: US 602.512.1601 or MX 638.386.9081
Remember, we want you safe, we want you happy…and we want you to come back often! © 2012